Getting Backlinks from Social Media Sites



  • JamieAlexanderJamieAlexander subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    Social medias are the great sources to get more audience. You can post links to your website through Social Media Networks, but they are not meant like building backlinks for your website. You will get nofollow direct links or nofollow indirect links to your website.
  • skyler jonesskyler jones subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    All links from social media platforms are strictly no follow.Although they can be used to drive traffic.
  • VictoriaGHVictoriaGH Atlanta, GAsubscriber Posts: 2 Member
    I have read articles by backlink guru's that claim that some websites with mainly Pinterest only backlinks are ranking high in Google search for strong keywords.  

    The backlinks are nofollow, but I don't think they are worthless.  My web pages that have strong social shares tend to rank for more keywords, get more Google organic traffic, than those that do not have social shares.  

    It is my experience that there is some correlation between social shares and ranking.  However, just like links, I don't think all social shares are equal.  I think if it comes from good, aged social accounts with legitimate followers and activities it will provide more value.
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