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I am looking for a little advice and maybe some partners in sales.  If any of you are similar to me in that you only have one product, I am sure that you have run into the big retailers not taking on your product due to not having a complete line of products.  It is almost impossible to get a buyer to look at your product and take it on without something to go along with it, that is why I am here today, I am looking for inventors, startups, or anyone with current products that may want to combine products to create a product line and get the attention of buyers in 2008.  I have moderate sales right now that are fine, however I am looking to triple our sales in 2008.  If you have products that fit into auto/truck accessories, RV aftermarket, marine aftermarket, hardware, lawn&garden, construction industry that are currently being manufactured or sold and you are interested in exploring this option of combining products to create a line, let me know.  I can be contacted @ [email protected] or here on SUN.  Thanks......Trent


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