Anyone know how diamond bracelet forms are made?

NanoboyNanoboy subscriber Posts: 1
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I have an idea for a new type of diamond bracelet, but I don`t know how the actual bracelet (with out the gem) is made or who to contact. Does anyone here have any jewlery design experience?  The actual material I am looking at would be silver, platinum and gold. I would think that some type of form is made and the material is poured into the cast or it is stamped out somehow from a flat piece of material, but I`m not sure. Please help!


  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    A lot of jewelry is made by "Investment Casting" otherwise known as "lost Wax" casting.  I know this because I am using this process for my product.   It is not jewelry related, but requires the detail and finish that investment casting gives. GrillCharmer2007-5-10 16:6:8
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