Good Hosts

rkensparcrkensparc subscriber Posts: 2
I`m planning my first internet store, and need a good hosting service.  I`m not looking for the cheapest, but a good value.
Here`s some of the features I know I want/need -
-Wide range of templates -I`ve considered doing my own site, or paying to have a custom site build, but think if I go with a host that has a lot of templates - and flexibility within those templates  I can make a site unique enough for my needs.
-Easy Store Maintenence - I want to be able to add/remove product listings, show promotional items etc.
-Easy integration with a merchant account (BTW - I need recommendations for good merchants - I`m expecting low volume, and low $$ amounts so I need a merchant that caters to to the little guy)
-Able to handle promotional codes. (product discounts)
-Able to do gift certificates
-Support of a public forum
-Allow users to upload photos
-Able to manage customer/contact lists (Newletter, Promotions, etc)rkensparc5/3/2009 5:20 PM


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