Steps to getting funds to construct new commercial building

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I am in St. Louis, MO and I am currently in the process of securing funding to build the children, youth, and family center that will house the childcare and human development services for my company Daycares R Us.
I would like to know what are the exact steps that need to be taken to get a commercial building built from the ground.
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    To robertj, or anyone else who did not have clarity to the above question [I appologize] . I fully understand that I will have to get a archetichet and draw blue prints and do land surveys, get a contractor, and so on. But my question is what are the funding steps? I already have the fesiability plan spelled out so I know their will be a immediate ROI, however, I need to know are their grants avalible for such a project because I am a nonprofit organization. And if I do get a grant for the land or a for the whole project does anyone know any foundations who would provide funding? 
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    Here are some points to be considered, which can help you to get a small business loan:
    1. Don't quit your day job2. Offer something of value3. Keep meticulous records4. Plan on providing a plan5. Character counts6. Check and recheck your credit
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