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Okay so im a young (18) entrepreneur and always been that way since i knew what money was. A couple years back i make 3k in a couple months just buying and selling things online that i find at garage sales. But now, being out of high school and working at my families restaurant for the last few years, i think its time to start my own business. Im very interested in cars and being in the car scene for the last 2 years I've noticed something every modified import car has in common.. They generally have a number of stickers on there back window.. So i feel that this may be a good idea of something that is an impulse buy, something i can do on the side, and something i can start in my home. However, i have no idea where to even start.. I have SOME money to start with and may be able to obtain more (I have around 700-1000 as of now) I have no idea what type of printer, paper or even software for that matter that i need to start. I know certain printers offer different colors but i feel that i may be able to start with a simple printer that only offers one color.. Can anybody help me, explain to me the process and give me some links to equipment or even tell me what i should get to start.. I know all about the business boosting (advertising and such) that comes along with a business so thats not what I'm here for...Any information provided would be a help. Thank you
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