Selling my brand new startup/website.

Hey, everyone,

I'm writing to inform you all that I am currently selling my newly-founded startup, ResearchU is an academic crowdfunding site (think kickstarter for college students), where users post projects to be funded. Once completely funded, the site retains 5% and the rest is given directly to the student. The site design is completely custom and includes a user-to-user messaging feature, full PayPal integration, and a content management system (CMS) so that you can change the website and add/remove content without knowing how to code. I am the sole owner so whoever purchases the business will own 100% of it (along with the site, domain name, Facebook and Twitter accounts, remaining hosting plan on Rackspace, and associated email accounts). If this sounds like a business that you would like to own, check out the listing on Flippa: ... ential-cms

Thank you.
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