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I have been starting up a business where I repurpose old comic books onto shoes and other accessories. Now that I am taking this business and its starting to grow I wonder if anyone on here would know if I need to license these images or if purchasing them initially covers that? Also, because I am using well known comic books from DC, Marvel, ID and Dark Horse so far, would I run into issues using their characters to market my product? For example, I have done quite a few Batman comic repurposed collage shoes. Whenever I market what I am doing on my facebook or instagram I am hastagging Batman to promote and try and gain more clients.

If anyone has any idea what my steps are here to make sure as this starts to grow that I don't end up in a sticky situation later I would so much appreciate it.

(I attaches a photo of an example of what I do if that makes it a little easier to understand what I am about)

Thank you
Jess D.


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