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Privacy Concerns in Mobile Marketing

newmediaservices2010newmediaservices2010 subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Sales
Last March 2014, an attorney in New York who gave a talk at the fifth annual Mobile Marketing Day discussed the importance of data privacy and security which should be considered by the regulators for the betterment of the consumers. There are 5 things you need to know for your consumers to trust you not only with the messaging services that you offer but also with the brand that you are advertising. There have been studies and the most recent resulted with the information that 72% of smartphone users are concerned with their privacy since Mobile Marketing has been used more often throughout the years. We have listed 4 privacy concerns in Mobile Marketing.
1. Disclosure
People are on the phone 24/7 and this threatens desktops and computers when it comes to browsing online. Telemarketers saw this as an opportunity but because they tend to experiment and try out new things in order to get more customers, they end up settling payments just because there has been a line crossed. In order to avoid these, one should be able to present him/ herself so as consumers trust them. Scrutiny from consumers is something telemarketers must avoid at all costs. Meaning, telemarketers should always see to it that they disclose all needed information to avoid miscommunication.
2. Privacy
Since we are talking about privacy concerns, we should look into what the consumers mean when they say they have an issue with this. A lot of people are downloading apps and receiving messages that if they are interested, they have to fill in forms and sometimes this makes them a little uncomfortable. Basically, you should be clear why you need that information and that everything will be kept in private. Be sure that your guidelines are easy to understand and is mobile- friendly.
3. Permission
Opt- ins and Opt- outs are very important and can make or break your marketing campaign. You can face a lot of charges with regards to the rules and regulations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Sending text messages without any consent has been a colossal roadblock since they are no longer allowed to send unsolicited text messages. If you want to continue with your marketing campaign, we strongly suggest that you protect your messaging services by following the rules.
4. Hidden Charges
There's nothing more irking than that of hidden charges. You are promised that everything is free after paying an amount only to find out that there are excluded fees which defies the purpose of you purchasing something because the price is surprisingly affordable. Now, we really don't want to deceive those who would avail of your service. You don't want to be those people who are being condemned by those who expect that same burger on the poster and then get something which does not resemble at any aspect what they came to buy.
We really hope that you were able to understand more about the growing privacy concerns in Mobile Marketing. Messaging Services covers a lot of possible ways to make your business better. For a full menu of what we can offer, visit our site at www.newmediaservices.com.au/messaging_services
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