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Hello from BumpInto

BumpIntoBumpInto subscriber Posts: 2
edited June 2014 in New Member Welcome
Hi, my name is Chris and I've just launched the beta version of my new site, BumpInto, located at www.bumpin.to. BumpInto is the first social platform where entrepreneurs, engineers, educators, musicians, artists, and other creative minds randomly bump into one another each time they log into the site - exposing them to new ideas and experiences each time. (Think StumbleUpon, but for randomly connecting with interesting people rather than with web sites and news stories.) These collisions will then hopefully help to spark further inspiration, innovation, and creativity among all the members.

The "random collision theory of innovation" states that innovation and creativity are sparked when we collide with people outside of our normal circles, opening our minds to new ideas and experiences. Members on BumpInto create profiles which share their current projects, past successes and failures, their creative processes, insights, words of wisdom, and anything else they want to share. In addition to randomly bumping you into other members, BumpInto also provides members with an opportunity to market themselves and their organization as other members read their profile.

I'm looking for first adopters to help build up the initial community and to provide feedback on this proof of concept. There are already several entrepreneurs, CEO's and other innovators from companies like Disney on the site. Please consider joining and sharing your story, and help to inspire others!

You can visit the site at www.bumpin.to and watch the short animated video on the home page which should give you a better idea of how it all works. Membership is by invite only, so let me know if you want to join and I'll send you an invite code and the sign-up link. You can email me directly at chris [at] bumpin.to, or visit the site and use the Contact form.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from some of you!


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