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OT: How find owners of LLC?

Bill_EVBill_EV subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2010 in Selecting a Business
I have a question that may be a little off topic, that I'd like to ask an expert:
How do I figure out who owns an LLC? Which document is that reported on?
I have done some research on this:
I have the Statement of Information for a few LLCs, that I am trying to figure out the owners of. Are the owners listed on this form?
There is a box on the form that says: Name and address of any Manager or Managers, or if none have been appointed or elected, provide the name of each member.
Are the people listed in this area, what we would normally think of as the owners of the company?
Or, is this info found on the: Operating Agreement? Does the Operating Agreement list the owners/members?
If so, Is that public info? Do they have to file that document with the Secretary of State?

I'm doing this research because there are several companies that are making multiple contributions to elected officials in my city. If the same person/people own/control several companies, then they are contributing over the limit. I'm trying to figure out who owns these companies.
I'm in California. The blank form is available here, if that helps:
Thank you,


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