Find advisors or a start-up incubator?

wojtekwojtek subscriber Posts: 2
Hi guys.
What is the quickest way to find a good advisor and where do I look?
Should I apply for a start-up incubator programme or should I go with finding advisors on my own?
I decided to go through the book “Running lean” and doing exactly what Ash Maurya says.
I have finished the first sketch of the “Lean canvas”, I have three of them. The next step it to consult with my advisors. The problem is I do not have any. I thought about my friends, and will definitely consult with them. Unfortunately it does not look like they have the required experience in the field where I want to do business, nor the contacts.
A bit of context: my startup is in fin-tech area. I have a lot of experience in software development. I live in London. I need to keep my day job for now. I might have couple of months off next year. I can do a bit of work on the weekends and after work. I cannot commit full time yet unfortunately. Signing up for a startup incubator programme is not an option in this case, is it?
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