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Customer clothing business

CaboBillCaboBill subscriber Posts: 13
edited September 2007 in Selecting a Business
Hey everyone,
Does anyone think there is still a market for a clothing business that custom makes shirts and other apparel?  I look at myself (6`4") because that is what got me started.  Making island style shirts for myself that would actually fit.


  • HomeGurdianHomeGurdian subscriber Posts: 0
    I think there is. You will need to some research.
  • HomeGurdianHomeGurdian subscriber Posts: 0
    I did a quick search and didn`t find much. WHat kind of cloths?
  • CaboBillCaboBill subscriber Posts: 13
    I make Island style (some say Hawaiian) shirts and other apparel.  I am also looking at expanding to tropical home furnishing accessories like throw pillows, pillow shams, bed spreads and curtains.  I live in Tampa and the stuff I see out there is pretty generic and bland. CaboBill2007-9-26 23:23:41
  • CaboBillCaboBill subscriber Posts: 13
    Hey there, Bill... Long time no see...I think there always will be a market for custom-made products. The issue is being found by those people with the money, time, and desire for something unique. The increasing disappointment with cookie-cutter and "big box" stores, creating "Mall America" sameness everywhere you go is going to drive the return to customization.I think the e-commerce and cottage industry boom taking place partly is a result of the outsourcing and layoffs, partly due to Baby Boomers wanting to have their own business, but also a result of this desire for something personal and customized.
    Hey Craig,
    Yeah it`s been a while.  My wife and I are planning on sending a shirt to a very well known local athelete.  I am going to guess on his measurements but include a letter telling him that if the shirt does not fit in any way to please give me a call and if he likes it and knows others that may be interested, to please pass on my information.
    My thinking behind this is the fact that we are all built differently.  Some have a long torso, others a short torso, long legs, short legs, etc.
    I guess my biggest inspiration is my grandmother.  She used to work for two women as a seamstress on the east coast of Florida that had their own boutique and had one in Niagra Falls.CaboBill2007-9-26 23:26:4
  • CaboBillCaboBill subscriber Posts: 13
    I think it`s a terrific idea and far more productive than cold-calling. You might possibly have a problem selling Hawaiian shirts, but I don`t know much about them. Aren`t they supposed to be loose-fitting and not tailored? That being said, and again, you`re the designer and will know for sure how to tailor a shirt like this.Much more important is the incentive gift. If I understand it, reading threads here on SuN and elsewhere, the hardest part is to find the address or the right way to get your product into the "famous person`s" hands. If you`ve got that, then I`ll bet this will be a fabulous opportunity. And what`s the worst that could happen: They get the shirt, never wear it, and you never hear from them. So? You don`t hear from them now, right? LOL! The best that could happen is you become their personal designer. Maybe we`ll see your company name as the credits roll. "Joe Jackson`s wardrobe provided by CaboBill Inc."
    You`re right that the shirt should be loose fitting, but too a point.  If you`re a football player (hint as to who I`m sending the shirt to) with broad shoulders but a thinner waist line, you may have to buy a XXL shirt to fit the shoulders but it is way too baggy around the waist and the shirt winds up looking like a tent.
    As for getting it into his hands, I figure I will try sending it to the team and address it to his attention.
  • Fred333Fred333 subscriber Posts: 0
    I think the idea has lots of potential. I go and see what the world has for you.
  • marsiankamarsianka subscriber Posts: 0
    I think there are great opportunitites for that... I have a business, a clothes tailoring business, but starting April 2007 we custom make clothes, unfortunately we don`t make men`s clothes and jackets, but mostly specialize in making custom wedding dresses, its going great! The idea is to find the right cutomer at the right time...
  • Parrothead90Parrothead90 subscriber Posts: 1
    I think it`s a great idea, with some tinkering.  I would suggest refining your idea a bit.  I have a hard time finding clothing that fits (6`5") and is stylish.  If I were you, I would start the island-style shirts and grow that; possibly focusing on the big and tall market or custom fitted market.  Once that is successful, then I would expand it into a lifestyle brand. 
  • TeeTickTeeTick subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Bill,
    I think clothing business still remains one of the most in-demand businesses today. However starting a clothing brand may take a large amount of time and effort so you need to do some researches, test the market with a few samples, check on what your competitors offer and how successful they are and then set up a SEO friendly website, social networks to get the ball rolling.
  • addyj672addyj672 subscriber Posts: 8
    People always need good cloths and this demand never gone from marketing. So it is effective to get good marketing consultants on this matter which will better market your cloths.
  • shepherdshepherd subscriber Posts: 0
    well, in today's online business world, you have no reason to get dissapointed Bill, there are a loads of opportunities for you to sell your custom made clothes
    what you need to do is to do a little research about your market of Buyers and what they prefer, plus get yourself listed places where Buyers go.
  • KennyschwimmerKennyschwimmer subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey bro, don't be worried. I believe there is still lot of scope for such kind of businesses. All you need is the right kind of platform to promote your business. One such platform can be www.toboc.com. Here you get both manufacturers and sellers to buy or sell your products.
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