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I create all kind of websites how do I get customers?

LuisPinedaLuisPineda subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Sales
I can create social networks, ecommerce, brochure websites, mixed websites with forum store social network, what ever you can imagine!
yet I find it difficult to get customers!!
I have my free toll number
and great fees, great design
what am I missing?
this is my website, hope you can give me any advice or feed back!


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    JimHeyBubbleJimHeyBubble subscriber Posts: 0
    Are you doing any marketing? SEO, SEM, banner ads?
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    threetincansthreetincans subscriber Posts: 2
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    CherylHeppardCherylHeppard subscriber Posts: 0
    One of the best ways to sell services is with using testimonials from other clients. Get results oriented feedback from your clients about why they hired you, what results they received, and what they would say to others who were considering hiring you.
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    appsusappsus subscriber Posts: 1
    Update your website. Include a great portfolio. Add more details about yourself.( If I am to give you any business, I need to know exactly who you are.)

    Aim for new businesses/ start-ups. They are a great target for web designers. Try to find the details from Companies House or their equivalent.
    Try to get target contact info from online business directories like Jigsaw, Zoominfo etc. Mail possible decision makers with a link to your portfolio. Be ready with your sales pitch when they get back to you.

    You can also try online market places like elance, odesk etc.

    Good luck!
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    webservicescoachwebservicescoach subscriber Posts: 0
    Find an association in an industry in your home town that interests you and infiltrate it. Become the "go-to-guy" (or gal) for that association for anything related to web stuff. Attend the meetings, answer peoples' questions, hand out cards. Even consider revamping the associations website and becoming a sponsor. You'll have all the leads you'll need.
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    klissellklissell subscriber Posts: 0
    On the content side, develop some informational articles and place them in article directories. This will give you some broader exposure, but the networking I think would be your first step.
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    RadioConsultantRadioConsultant subscriber Posts: 21 Bronze Level Member
    for me it is not persuasive enough. Hi-tech, but I do not know "why should I chose your service?", what is your distinctiveness factor?
    Without answering these questions do not expect high conversion rate.
    On traffic: forums, blog - where you will be able to show / introduce your works - and social channels as suggested above.
    SIRSoft: Small business consulting http://www.sirsoftconsulting.com
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