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Startup HELP! What do you look for in a hosting service?

sclcdcsclcdc subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Business Planning
I guess this post is geared toward startups, DevOps and R&D type organizations who are more often than not on a tighter budget than large companies when it comes to hosting solutions. Of course, all input is greatly appreciated.I'm trying to figure out what factors weigh the most when choosing a data hosting provider. I understand that this is a very complex issue but I want to try and boil it down to its very basics.What do you guys look for when it comes to hardware hosting solutions? When do you reach the point where you think you're "paying too much"? What specific features/services/etc are you looking for and are most important (generally speaking)? Conversely, what makes you shy away from a particular data hosting provider? What kinds of things are you not tolerant of?I know this is a very broad question but any input you guys have would be great.


  • JohnAthenaAnalyticsJohnAthenaAnalytics subscriber Posts: 2
    We are not there yet with our startup, but the research we have done points us to Amazon S3 services.  For what we are offering it would fit our needs.  There are many factors to consider around your volume of data, expected transfer, etc.
    For our business model this solution would work for us.  Also they are lowering their prices April 1st
  • sclcdcsclcdc subscriber Posts: 1
    What about lease lengths? Are you comfortable getting locked into such a long lease? Would a month-to-month lease ever be something you'd look in to?
  • andynathanandynathan subscriber Posts: 0
    When it comes to something this technical I usually will talk to other people that know more than I do.  Fortunately you can find a lot of them on here and in other online forums.
  • rachitgupta040rachitgupta040 subscriber Posts: 0
    According to me these are some essential things which I need in web hosting services:
    1- Regular Server Monitoring
    2- Security
    3- Running security audits
    4- Spam filtering
    5- Virus scanning
    6- Software firewall configuration
    7- Regular OS updates
    8- Managed Data Storage
    9- Well Managed Database
    10- Backups
    11- Customized to Meet Your Needs
    12- Affordable Operating Costs

    For more information about web hosting services check: http://www.go4hosting.in/
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