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Critique My Website, Please

GeoffSmithGeoffSmith subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2014 in Website Critique
I saw that many people ask for advise and some professional opinion from the other users around, so I decided to give it a try.
I am responsible for the existance of the site Move Out Mates - http://www.moveoutmates.co.uk/. It's about end of tenancy cleaning, although more people think it's about removals. Right now it's not in the best condition, but we've decided to make some changes. It will take some time though.
So we've decided to remove the banner, because it's useless; decrease the amount of text; remove that hideous booking form and replace it with useful things like maps, reviews; add some more call-to-action buttons.
But we don't want to rush things up, so I am asking for your advise. What else do you think needs changing? What bits do you like? I am asking not only from user, but from SEO point of view.
Thank you!


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    GeoffSmithGeoffSmith subscriber Posts: 2
    Davies said:
    On the quick note, I'd only move the youtube video below the first paragraph, because in addition to the sliding header, your visitors' attention is dragged straight into visual content, with little attention to the text. I judge based on the audience of my cleaning services website, yours is different of course, but an introductory paragraph must be emphasised. It must tell everything to your potention customer, then the visual content does the magic. 

    Hi, Davies!
    Thank you for the comment. You bring up a good point. Not many people do read the content. So I have an idea to put Benefits section just right above the content. Yes, it's still visual content, but it will tell why this company and the services are better than some of the others. And it will tell the visitors with short setences and images. This might make them read a little bit further down. Still, I'll try your suggestion and move the video a bit.
    Thank you!
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    AberitAberit subscriber Posts: 64 Bronze Level Member
    I would add definitely more visuals. Without it, the website seems to be a bit ''empty''.  
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    jakepiercejakepierce subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello. Your website looks fine. Color & typography is okay too. I suggest you create a long banner instead of having that 3 sections that you have under your navigation bar. I find it distracting to look at it.
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