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Don't Forget to Include Your Vendors

SandySandy subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2014 in Business Planning
When your business is in the planning stage, you have so many things to think about.  One of those things should be is who will you contract to do any number of things from making repairs, installing, maintaining, well the list can be a long one.  The chances are you can not afford to make the mistake of hiring an unscrouplous vendor or one who is not qualified.  To avoid this real possibility a thorough vendor screening is needed.  Don't confuse the companies who promise to supply references with a consumer reporting agency that has the resources and knowledge to get the facts.  Facts like:

How long the company has been in business and at the current location.
If this company has a civil or criminal record ( like price gouging)
The status of their business and/or profesisonal license.
Background checks or drug sceening the employees must past.
If this is an industry required by law to pass inspection, when was the last inspection completed and what the results are.
The professional organizations it is a member of. 

As you can see, you now have a clear  picture of who you are considering hiring-not fuzzy references.  I am always available to answer questions or set up a file to include in your business planning
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