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Wrapping my head around how much to charge.

jrperryjrperry subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Business Planning
Hello I am new,
I have started to play around with the idea that I may want to start selling voip services.
This comes from me not wanting to pay the rates the phone companies want to charge.
I have it down to the point where I could see me being able to make a profit.
The only problem is I dont know what I should charge.
I am good with tech and I enjoy it business on the other hand not my strong suit.
I have been looking up various costs such as marketing, IT, HR, and sales as a percent of total revenue to try and make a general guideline for myself. I realize if it is just me I dont need HR and I would also count as the sales department and that I am not going to find definitive numbers. I am looking at this because I dont want to under charge which I could see myself doing. I am also doing this so in the event my business starts to grow I know when I can afford to hire help or contract out. I dont want to sit behind a desk and crunch numbers and if things went really well I would like to use this as a launching point for other things.
Does anyone have information or links to help me set a price?
Right now I am looking at (as a % or total revenue)
IT 10-25%
marketing 2-10%
sales 2-10%
HR 5-10%
profit 10-30%
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