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Protection from being scammed???

memphis10memphis10 subscriber Posts: 3
edited March 2009 in Selecting a Business
Hello all,
Just wondering if anyone know of some things to look for to keep myself from being scammed. Actually looking at an already established business online for sale right now. The owner seems to be cool but im not really sure anymore. Ive checked alexa and i know that the site is real. Ive looked over all screenshots and what not but ive heard they can be doctored. I mean what the hell. Its really aggravating now that it is so easy for someone to be scammed online and there is nothing you can do about it when its done.
The owner told me if a put a certain figure down hed be willing to finance the rest over a certain period of time. He even says that he will come to my house and train me on how to do everything....even after me telling him he would only get the downpayment when he shows up at my door. What do you all think? What steps can i take at this point to make sure i dont get scammed.
Ps...ive gotten an email from someone the other day that i dont know telling me that he is a scammer...and it took me offguard..and the sad thing is i dont even know if believe him or not. Everything just seems right to me but i guess you never know. I mean if he was willing to come to my home before he got any money doesnt that show right there that he is for real???  I dont even know anymore and any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • dmitriyrdmitriyr subscriber Posts: 0
    I would be extremely cautious when buying any website online since people do often get scammed, especially since someone notified you that this seller is a scammer. You also need to think very carefully about what you think the site`s value is and compare that to what the seller is selling it for. If it seems to be an amazing deal, that`s an indication that something could be wrong. If the seller is overly eager, that`s an indication that something could be wrong. Often website owners want to get rid of the sites as quickly as possible for a variety of reasons, such as they paid for fake traffic for a short period of time to disguise the real value of the website, or they know something about the website that you do not, like it`s being deindexed by google.
    I would go with my gut feeling and only purchase the website if I was 100% confident in the reliability of the seller and in the site`s value. If I was even slightly suspicious of something going on, I would not go ahead as it is not worth the risk, especially if the seller wants a good amount of money.
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    nothing beats first hand experience.  shadow the owner and ask for access to EVERYTHING for a good few weeks and monitor the business as if you owned it. results shouldn`t lie...
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