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I'm working with a company that has a significant retail operation going right now.  They want to start offering their products to other retail locations and transition to a wholesale structure.  Eventually being 90% wholesale and 10% retail.
Does anyone have any books/literature/courses they can recommend reading to help with the transition?
Thanks for the help Startupnation!!


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    I have end-to-end experience: design-manufacturing-wholesale/distribution-retail. No literature to suggest, just some first-hand knowledge.

    Several factors should guide this discussion:
    - # locations/facilities in an area
    - # retail clients both current and potential
    - manufacturer / primary wholesale vendor relationships
    - shipping / transportation logistics
    - cash flow: retail vs. wholesale cash flow can be worlds apart: warehouse, stock inventory, high volume vs. high profit, payment terms for Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable, etc.

    At the very least, I suggest exploring Private Label branding for products sold either in-house or to downstream retail clients.

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