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Roadmap for Young Entrepreneurs

AndreaSamadiAndreaSamadi subscriber Posts: 1
When we look at people who have achieved great things, we often believe that they are more talented than the rest of us, or luckier, or more well-connected. But the only thing that separates the successful from everybody else is that they have learned how to bridge the gap between setting goals and achieving them. They have developed ways of behaving and -- more importantly -- ways of thinkingthat enable them to get what they want.
The good news is, it's possible for anyone to learn these techniques. As a parent or teacher you can sharpen your own skills . . . then pass them along to the teens in your lives.
Imagine implementing the concepts that "Secret teachers" and others are using to motivate thousands of adults and teens worldwide.
Imagine improved relationships, increased self-esteem, and a direct path to your dreams.
Imagine working with your children or students to help them get better grades, improve their results in sports, and pave a clear path to a brilliant future.
Instead of imagining, start right now!
If you are a parent, teacher or coach and want to JUMPSTART the teen in your life, here are some TIPS!

TIP #1-Help TEENS to focus on their strengths so that they can find success. 
We are ALL naturally talented in certain areas. Allow teens to develop their natural talents and abilities no matter what they are. Remember that MANY famous people we know today, had a slow start.
TIP #2- "Instead of always reading your kids stories, have them tell you stories to practice story telling."
This is something we have been practicing to help our young children work on their story-telling skills which help expand their vocabulary and is an extremely valuable communication skill.
Andrea Samadi
Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs since 1999!
ATTN: Parents, teachers and coaches! Kickstart Your Teens TODAY with FREE VIDEO TRAINING, SECRET FOR TEENS E BOOK and KICKSTARTER PACKET!


  • twhansburytwhansbury subscriber Posts: 2
    Some good suggestions and thank you for the infographic
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  • AndreaSamadiAndreaSamadi subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you very much!!I think it is powerful for kids to see that not all success stories are what they seem...and it's also pretty powerful for me as well! It's taken me 13 years to FINALLY be doing what I dreamed of doing...and now I don't feel so bad when I see how others have also struggled in the pathway to their dreams.
    I appreciate your comment!
    -Andrea Samadi
  • omer1997omer1997 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey there! I was looking for older entrepreneurs to help me out with any tips they have. As you would know being 16 means you aren't really the smartest around and can always use someone olders help. Especially in this topic. If you guys would be kind enough to respond that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • AndreaSamadiAndreaSamadi subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey Omer!! I would say that many 16 year olds are WAY smarter than the rest of us (I'm 42). The fact that you are blogging on Start Up Nation, shows me you are much different than I was at 16. I just interviewed Houston Gunn, a 16 year old who will change the way youth are taught in schools. http://achieveit360.com/v2/houston-gunn ... interview/
    If I were you, I would read his book, and check out his website. Think about what YOU can do. What are you good at? How can you help others? If you start perfecting what you are good at NOW, imagine where you will be in 5 years, or 10 years.
    I would love to hear what your plans for your future are!
    Andrea Samadi-impressed that you even read this!
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