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QVC was a bust, where do we go from here?

cr8oncr8on subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2008 in Sales
We have a Patented product that is being sold as: "The Montana Walking Stick"  and it is doing really well in catalog sales.  The product was recently on QVC, but  missed the dollars per minute by 20%, so they declined the second airing and we are getting half of the units back.  I was really hoping for further exposure of the product to generate greater sales, but apparently our product doesn`t fit with the QVC culture.  Does anyone have resources available to help us with distribution of a high end, super functional mobility aid? 
Thanks So Much,


  • CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2
    Like Nikole, I wanted to know more about your product.  I clicked to your profile page & it doesn`t even have your website.  I`m assuming you have one if you`re far enough along that you`ve been on QVC.   I`d get your website up on your profile page asap.
  • cr8oncr8on subscriber Posts: 1

    The product is being sold through "Gold Violin"  in both their catalog and web site.  We have a site that is built , but  right now G.V.  is consuming enough product that we can`t afford to sell canes on our own (I don`t want to get in a situation where we have a 12 week backorder-again).  It`s called "The Montana  Walking Stick"  because that`s what they renamed it from "The Sojourner" (QVC called it the "Loop Handled Walking Cane")  If you google the name "Montana Walking Stick" it will lead you directly to Gold Violins web site and you can see exactly what it is. 
    Thanks SO Much for the the interest!
  • CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2
    Understand about not wanting to end up in a backorder situation but what about  the 1/2 QVC order you`re getting back???  With a website & the right key words for google & yahoo, they`d move.  Or is it that you only want a distributor rather than marketing them from your own website?  There are fulfillment houses to handle your shipping, you know. 
    I looked your product up on Gold Violin.  Functional as well as attractive!  And I like the name Montana Walking Stick much better than The Sojourner or Loop Handled Walking Cane. Montana brings the big open skies to mind & a walking stick has more positive connotations than a cane even though it`s the same thing.  It`s all in the perception....
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