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SocialbutterflySocialbutterfly subscriber Posts: 1
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If you haven`t figured it out yet, I`m an OTR driver. Hi, I`m Zactoria aka Socialbuterfly. I`ve been driving for 6 1/2 years and still learning. Prior to driving, I was a crewleader for the upholstery dept. at a major boat manufactor. I have some ideas for the woman behind the wheel (we need our "feel good moments" out here as well). I`ve also relocated in the last year, purchasing a new home in Texas. I also have some ideas I`m working on that I couldnt find anywheres, not even on google and google patent search. I do have a slight problem though, I can`t seem to focus on one item long enough. I can see the items completely finished. I`ve even created one while in the truck, ohhh, it got a lil messy trying to use a jigsaw, drill,screwgun, and my sewing machines. I`ve come to a conclusion, if I mouth the words "why don`t someone invent a this or that" I get to thinking. Can someone give me some advise on trying to stick with one thing at a time or is it really a problem trying to work on more than one thing at a time?


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    forbeshathawayforbeshathaway subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello socialbutterfly.  Thanks for the post.  I can honestly relate with this problem.  It is hard to concentrate at times on what you really need to be doing when something else grabs your attention.  I am actually working on my small business and am always thinking of new and innovative ideas to become more efficient.  However, some days just fly by.  Do what you love and keep your positive energy.
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