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I had an idea for a business for inventions...
Invention Corporation ( I.C. )
Potential inventors would send a short essay and any other info they have on their potential invention to I.C.  The company would look over all sent in concepts, and discuss which one(s) are best for an intial investment, say $1k - $5k. This is free money to the inventor, the inventor is under no obligation, except taxes.This grant will pay for futher research, time off work ( if any ), studies, and anything else that will make I.C. want to invest more in the  inventor`s concept.The inventor`s best thing to do is make an essay that will blow away the investors. Inventor really needs to wow the investors.
 Of course, investors will look over all the second essays, because Invention Corporation will have hopefully sorted out all the most riskiest concepts. Now from here I do not know exactly what might be the best way for I.C. to get paid. Here`s a couple:
I.C. sets a certain amount for investor to buy the "funding rights" from I.C. example:  I.C. invested $3k in an inventor and now I.C. sales the inventors rights for an investor to fund the inventors concept. Follow me? This is a way for investors to "haggle" with I.C. for better price.
Silent auction kinda thing. Maybe on SuN`s website. The top bidder get`s the funding rights, or maybe the inventor might also sell the patent and just be done with the whole thing.
I have also had a few other thoughts on how to tweek the business, though, I believe comission should be a big part of it. That means employees have to get things moving to make any money.
I think there would be several first short essays. From their professionals would have to determine which ideas would be a good idea to send money to learn much more about. If I.C. sends $3k to a potential inventor, I.C. better believe the inventor will send back another essay with much more info. This could be determined by professionals, I think...lol.
It`s simple enough, of course to be able to send $1k - $5k, you would need investors for that part, any ideas there, too?BluToad2007-3-14 21:59:33


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    BluToadBluToad subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank you Mike T.
    I was thinking on the first part, the initial loan/grant, how would I get funding for that? After the potential inventor would send in thier first essay ( short essay ), if it is a good idea, they would be sent back between 1k - 5k, no obligation to payback. The intial grant would hopefully be funded by Angels, investors, and anyone else. I would think Angels should be really interested in this idea. When the I.C. has a good idea, they can call a particular Angel.
    A) One way to fund the intial grants is to have investor`s on the stock market invest in the intial grant fund.  I am sure there is a way to make this work for investors, if you make it go public. The I.C. can choose which ideas to invest in, with the funding from the investors.
    B) Another way is, to have certain investors/Angels on the side waiting for certain ideas. The I.C. puts the essays and any other info from the inventor on a website. Angels can then look through the potential inventions and if they like one, they can fund it. I.C. only makes profit for connecting the two together.
    With option "A", I.C. would hire/gather experienced professionals, that know many markets, are business minded, innovators... etc. These professionals would check ALL sent in inventions. They would decide on if and how much to send on the idea. The professionals would be sending that intial grant for a secondary, longer, better essay. That`s all they are paying for....
    When/if the second essay came in the professionals have several ways to market/promote the idea. One is to call certain investors or Angels. Another is to evaluate the idea, call the inventor and see if another grant would be in order to fund a professional looking prototype. The prototype would be for future conventions, that are  held for the inventors to get their voices heard straight from themselves. I think if I.C. had plenty of funding for prototypes, more ideas from inventors would come in. I believe I.C. would be a more popular company, if they held inventor conventions and there would be all these crazy prototypes at the conventions. A popular company can be important for "going public" lol.
    I have a company here, I just need to talk to the right people...
     BluToad2007-3-18 14:2:25
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