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help!! Trying to attach a form to a website...

PaisleymoonPaisleymoon subscriber Posts: 4
Ok... This Entrepreneur is IN OVER HER HEAD...
I have built small simple websites for clients in the past.. and theyve always been happy with what Ive come up with.. I dont charge much.. cause well, I dont know much.. just enough to get me into trouble...

www.pirateairlift.com asked me to do their website.. looking over their old one, I asked if they would want the quote page included...  and they said they didnt think they needed it.  Then upon completion.. they changed their mind.  No problem, I said.. I could figure it out.. and ACK.. I cant.  I tried reformatting the old form they had on there.. I tried creating a new one on front page (( yep, I know.. outdated )) but couldnt figure out the CSS or whatever is needed to actually get the results routed to his email. 
Cant figure out how to change the formatting on the php form...
I did finally get the results to his email.. I THINK..  but cant seem to figure out how to get the automatically generated email to the client stating that the quote has been recieved..
Are there templates out there for this kind of stuff?  Grocery money is pending on getting this job finished and Im looking like a dweeb in how long its taking me.. where can I turn for a how to? Ive searched the net but its mostly greek to me..
Ive dedicated today till my fingers fall off.. to get this figured out.. any hints or tips out there?  The page that I think I got to work (( please dont spam the owner by filling it out.. It does send to his email )) is here:  http://www.pirateairlift.com/quotepage.htm the formatting looks like pooh..  but Im open to ANYTHING anyone can offer.. thank you so much.. I so gotta get this done and get paid... we are so tired of Peanut Butter and Jelly...


  • PaisleymoonPaisleymoon subscriber Posts: 4
    Thank you so much for the quick reply.. I so love this place.. Im on it!  Cmom steak dinner! LOL
  • PaisleymoonPaisleymoon subscriber Posts: 4
    ah just saw the bit about formatting.. yeah.. its rough.. Im just glad I got it to finally send where it needed to be.. now Im going to try to make it pretty... thank you for your reply!!
  • PaisleymoonPaisleymoon subscriber Posts: 4
    So uhm... here`s my next question.. and it may be too long to even explain... I copied the form data from a viewsource on the old site.. and pasted it and thats how I got the page to work finally...  but now, when I take it into front page and format it.. just but adding spaces and breaks...  now it doesnt work.. ;c( So I have functional but not pretty.. or pretty but not functional.. why doesnt this work?
    Thank you to anyone who spends time reading this and helping me...
    The old version that works: http://www.pirateairlift.com/quotepage.htm
    The new version that doesnt: http://www.pirateairlift.com/quotepage2.htm
    Bangin my head on the desk...
    Paisleymoon7/5/2009 4:07 PM
  • PaisleymoonPaisleymoon subscriber Posts: 4
    ok so I did it manually.. good old notepad.. it looks decent and it works.. but NOW.. my question is this:  After you successfully submit the form... it takes you to a page that says thank you its been sent... which I cant edit... its all done in CSS.. and ack...  any good websites for learning basic css in a hurry?
    BTW, I DID ask this client if they would be needing the quote page.. cause i knew it was over my ability.. they said no.. and then later changed their mind... I dont think I would have taken it had I known.. but Im learning alot and thank GOD hes patient...
    TY for any answers out there... cyberdonuts to anyone who can help.
    Paisleymoon7/5/2009 9:17 PM
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Css sets your styles, not the actual content form/email text or page redirections .... I sent you a message via SUN.
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