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Children`s Enrichment Business

emagynemagyn subscriber Posts: 3
edited March 2008 in Selecting a Business
Hello....  I recently started my business, eMAGYN (iimagine), a mobile children after school enrichment program.  With my new enrichment venture, eMAGYN, I have
finally realized the imagination is the root of everything and the most
powerful tool to succeed.  In essence, I want to make sure that the creative gift that was birthed to all children remain with them and not dissipate like it has in some adults.   One of my programs deals with whole brain learning via a guided imaginative story through the `Enchanted Forest`.
What kind of insurance do I need to look into, as well as, what background check(s) do I need to have?  What are some ways to pursue public as well as private after school programs?  Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


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    babyjoy214babyjoy214 subscriber Posts: 2
    Hello.. I agree with the last post, to advertise or promote what you do, you should give a free workshop for starters, bring friends and their children, you know someone from a school? a teacher? Invite her and her kid, she should see first hand what you offer.. Best marketing and advertising for me is by use of MOUTH. When one recognized person testifies that what you are doing is benefiting them and their children great then she can`t stop herself from telling everyone she knows, customers will follow in later..
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    emagynemagyn subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Homebased,
    My business is a mobile enrichment program where I would offer my services to after school programs due to workshops being for ages 5-12.  I don`t have a brick and mortar yet....  I have been speaking to directors over the after school programs in my area as well as surrounding areas, but it appears to be a particular time when they acquire enrichment information for camps, etc. due to budget constraints. 
    Thanks for the direction and progress is forthcoming.
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    MizEMizE subscriber Posts: 1
    If I get my brick and mortar going I would be interested in stocking your products!
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    emagynemagyn subscriber Posts: 3
    Fantastic....But it`s not `if`, it`s `when` you get your brick and mortar up....We have to remove any shadow of doubt with the ifs...I will love that...What industry of products are you going to be selling?
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