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Looking for Outsourcing Success Stories

DanielleDanielle subscriber Posts: 4
I`d like to hear from small business owners who have created wildly successful businesses because they utilized outsourcing to strategically grow their business to increase profits. The ideal person would be someone who is entrepreneurial, always expected to earn 6+ figures, but who likes keeping their business model small (e.g., not interested in creating or managing a huge corporation or having tons of employees, etc.)
Tell me your story (the condensed version), plus I want to know:
1. What kind of business you have
2. How long you`ve been in business
3. What functions you outsourced
4. How long before you saw measurable growth that you attribute to the outsourcing methodology
Send me a PM here and I`ll send you my email address.


  • JosephthomasJosephthomas subscriber Posts: 3
                  Are you looking at outsourcing any work? If yes what is that you are looking at .
    Joseph Thomas

  • DanielleDanielle subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi, Joseph,
    No, I`m not looking to outsource work. I`m looking for business owners who have utilized outsourcing to strategic advantage. This is for a research project I`m working on.
  • JoetheRoadWarriorJoetheRoadWarrior subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Danielle,
    I visited your website and I strongly believe their is a synergy between our organizations that could be very lucative in the global marketplace. While I am not a "Virtual Assistant" by your definition, I have contacts throughout the world after successfully working in 54 countries and VIP membership in two International Registries.
    Last week, I met a lady involved with the Dulcimer and briefly chatted. I had never heard of the Dulcimer before. After doing some research through my contacts, I identified three individuals internationally who are deeply involved with the Dulcimer and I will "connect" them. I am meeting her on Monday to discuss these opportunities and  she has also invited me to a 4 hour pre-paid Conference on Monday evening here in Michigan.
    I invite you to visit my website and receive your thoughts. I could very easily insert a Membership Button on my website which is visited by individuals from countries throughout the world (based on my monthly statistics that my webmaster provides me).
    Just a thought. Have a great weekend.
  • DanielleDanielle subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi, Joe,
    Very gracious of you to offer. If you are referring to my organization`s website, the Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce, a membership button wouldn`t be appropriate for your website. However, I am always looking for businesses and organizations to feature our Virtual Assistant Directory link as a free resource to their customers and site visitors.
    We are the only Virtual Assistant organization, along with AssistU, to prescreen the VAs listed in our directory to meet our high standards of qualification and excellence. You won`t find that assurance of quality in other VA directories, and it`s a very handy resource to your business clients.
    If you are interested, contact me offlist at [email protected]</A> and I can provide you with the graphic and link specifications.
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