Help with my retail boutique!

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Hi everyone!
This is my FIRST post and i`m happy to have found this community. I`ve read a lot of posts here and everything looks really informative. I have started a business online a few years back which sold custom jewelry and what not and it did pretty decent. I was in high school when I decided to build something like that. Now I have just finished my first year of correspondence university and would like to open a retail boutique. This is something that I have a strong passion for - I wouldn`t complain about staying in the store all day. However, all of my previous ventures were mostly online. How do I even begin to start thinking of how to get the plan off the ground and get funding for it? I have looked into Grants and what not and I just want to be over prepared for anything rather than under.
Any insight from anyone who`s started a retail store would help.
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