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Ready to roll

westnovawestnova subscriber Posts: 1
O K  guys and gals. Just want to let every one know that A O L has my blog over there up and running again and I am inviting you all to come on over and have a look and let me know what you think. Go to A O L blogs and put in "westnova" and you should be able to see what I have been trying to tell you  about all this time. I am in the new marketplace area also but still having trouble getting pics in here. Wes 


  • ujeansujeans subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello Westnova,What`s the URL for your blog.  The link on your profile is just takes me to the AOL home page.Thanks.
  • westnovawestnova subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Daniel, When you get to A O L home page you will see an A O L  a to z  listing, go to the B`s and you will see "blogs" there click on it and it will have a search bar there and put in "westnova" and you should come up with my blog. I tried again to put pics on my profile here and it just wouldn`t work so that is why I`m sending every one to my A O L blog. I need to talk to Joel about this.
  • KteaKtea subscriber Posts: 1
    Can you post the link directly to your blog?  I tried to find it, and it keeps coming up with no results when I search aol blogs.  Also, if thats your best means of getting word out there about your product, you really should be able to link directly to it.  Make it easy for people and more people will see it.
  • westnovawestnova subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi all, You can go to A O L journals slash westnova  and you should come up with  the blog. I guess the most frustrating thing has been not being able to post pics here but maybe Joel or Rich can help me with that. My patent attn. has given me permission to do what ever I need to do to advertise the concept so I will be doing some things in the near future. Wish me luck.  Wes. 
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