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What Sourcing Tools Are You Using?

PDWPDW subscriber Posts: 3
Hello SUN members....
I wanted to post a question concerning what tools people are using to source your products?
I have been using WorldWide Brands and they have just launched a new system which encompasses all their services into one product, ie. One Source.  This was just launched on 12/31/2006 and I have just upgraded my membership for access to this new program.  In a nutshell their program includes the following:
Dropshippers; Light Bulk Wholesalers, Large Volume Wholesalers, Liquidation Wholesalers and Instant Import Buys as well as a Market Research program that breaks down keyword searches and shows Demand, Competition, Advertising, and Auction prices.  They also have a great resources page with free e-books and videos about starting your own home based business.
I am not trying to sell this product (I do not have an affiliate account with them yet), I just would like to know what types of sources other people are using.


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    Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    This post belongs more under this heading than others.I usually use Digikey for my lab component purchases due to their fast shipment and reasonable low quantity pricing.  However some parts are priced unaffordably, and in wrong electronic package, so I went to On Semi to look for the right package of same type of part.  Nowaday mfgs provide ecommerce links to distributors.  So I tried Future Electronics.  Huge pleasant surprise: their low quantity - i.e per minimum shippable quantities  such as a tube or a reel - pricing is even lower.  On top of that shey offer free shipping for all orders during the last tewo weeks of the year until 12/31 at midnight!So today Tuesday 9AM I called to see if I could add one more item to the shipment.  It`s been already shipped!!!Now they may become my favorite distributor.
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    saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
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