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Feedback for a New Business dealing with tax preparation

bbowen519bbowen519 subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2009 in Selecting a Business
My idea is VERY simple; Over the past years i hear many cases where
people hated going to H&R Block or some other places to get their
taxes because either they had to wait or they had to return home to get
more documents. Also, sometimes you are just unable to make it to the
office because of the kids....College students often struggle with
taxes and are unaware how to maximize their refund legally..
Those other tax services charge upwards of $200+ to have an instant refund (RAL) or can charge 125+ to have a rapid refund (RF)
My tax service would charge flat rate
$70 for simple returns
$80 for simple return + Rapid refund
$100 for simple return + Instant Refund
**complex returns would be decided on a case by case basis**
College Students flat rate of $40 (RF)
You can also make appointments for us to come to where you are (whether
its at home or on your lunch break)...I am thinking about charging an
extra $5 for this service
I`ve been doing my family & friends taxes since I was 16. Instead
of attending summer classes; I went and got my tax prep certification
from National Tax School (I am thinking about attending H&R Block
also just in case I missed something)
I already have my PTIN
I also have the bank I am going to work through (approved)
I know which software I am going to use
Basically everything is in order; I just want to know do you think this could work?
Last year I was able complete simple returns within 30 minutes....
I am thinking that maybe I should charge more than $5 to meet at your home or another location.
am not planning on this being my only source of income. I realize this
is mainly a 3 month business. I am currently a college student so with
it only being 3 months is completely fine with me
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