From self employment to employee back to self employment

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Hi folks
I was self-employed for about 30 years.
Things slowed down, I had an opportunity at a (business related)company. I took it. Moved up the ladder fast.
Due to economic changes (as effects us all) this may impact my employment in the upcoming 1-2 years
I have the itch to strike out on my own again.
After being an employee (project coordinator now for almost 3 years)  I took it upon myself to educate myself, in a number of areas. i took courses in project management, communication and I am trying to educate myself on improving my leadership skills as well.
I am well equipped (I think) to do this again. I just have to get motivated, and learn to allot time after working hours to get started.
I hope to contribute a lot, as well as ask a lot of questions.
cya around


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