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Vending Business

abduljrusabduljrus subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2009 in Selecting a Business
I am an entrepreneur at heart and I have been thinking about starting a Vending Business. I got this idea while walking through a small SOMALI shopping mall (its not technically a mall but bunch of shops in a large warehouse type of place with two floors... its very large property though) and I didn`t see a single vending machine in areas where very large crowds where.... in fact, there is no vending going on anywhere in the building....
The goal is to place Vending Machines there... I have done little research mainly focusing on how to acquire the Machines and how I would get the supplies. Now I know how to get the machines at below market prices... I have a supplier (Sams Club) and I am writing a Business plan but I am not sure about research... how should I conduct Market research?
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