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Jumpstarting our business

RelishRelish subscriber Posts: 1
have been in businees for 18 months and have received some great
success with our online menu service. We want to take our success to
the next level, which could include; highering a consultant,
outsourcing or revenue sharing. I would be interested to hear from
anyone who has experience in ideas or advice on how to grow a business
to acheive the next level of sucess.
Please visit our website: www.relishrelish.com for more detailed information and our latest press release and media attention.



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    LordEmsworthLordEmsworth subscriber Posts: 0
    Here`s one idea for you.  Provide different menu style options e.g. lowfat, lowcarb, Kosher. 
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    jenqjenq subscriber Posts: 2
    Is the next level of success you`re talking about financial? If it is, you may want to take a look at the way you handle your finances, both personally and financially. I`ll pass on what a business mentor passed on to us 3 years ago. My husband and I have been able to totally restructure and handle our finances in a different way. The outcome for us has been retirement and the ablility to be full time parents, which was our main goal. You can personalize the -education to meet your needs. 2 resources to look at www.questweb.cc</A> and 618-355-1600 options #1, #2 and #3. Hope this is helpful. It`s meant the world to us. Have a fantastic week!
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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Great idea! Site looks nice. Maybe I missed it, but I did not see a link ot the Press Release or the press you mentioned - probably me.
    IMHO - you`re very close to "nailing" your business. I think all you need is more exposure. You can probably get this through a good PR person or firm that has expertise in your field (food, health, family, etc.) A good PR person ranks up there with a good accountant, lawyer or banker in a small business. You need to be on Oprah, the morning shows, the cooking shows, etc. Local TV shows. Maybe a radio show or podcast. Many options a seasoned pro in your field can help you with.
    I saw where you guarantee your service. However, it doesn`t "jump" out on the website. People LOVE a Money-Back Guarantee and very few people take advantage of the gaurantee. Do it! Money-Back Guarantee. Of course, you have to write the conditions - 3-month refund or whatever. Makes no difference - it probably will never be claimed.
    ZMAN above makes some great suggestions. He has some excellent points. Heed them.
    Another suggestion. Whenever you list an email contact, always make it a name. You had listed on the guarantee page as you can email us at: contactus@relishrelish.com</A>. I would use one of the principals names. This is a personal business - make it as personal as possible. Whether you are the one that anwers the emails or not (as you grow bigger), it appears you do. People like to talk to the owners. And with many of your customers (men do cook, too - maybe create a menu selection for batchelors with a special "date night" meal), it is woman-to-woman and this is a great thing for you and your business.
    Rock n` Roll - you have a winner! I look forward to updates here at SuN.
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    j1acostaj1acosta subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Karen:
    I liked your site and your message but noted no inferred credibility or professional accredidations on your home page... Testimonials and associated pages are fine but the idea is once the public gets to that page there is enough ther for them to want to do business or find out more... Perhaps zman`s & Richard`s suggestions are enough for you to change the impact of the home page,  I think they may do so but be very selective as to the content you add as it will either add or detract from YOUR message... I also did not see low-fat, diet, lactose-free, kosher or vegan designations for a desired menu, but I did note that many of the recipes and the trial menu used lowfat entrees.  Perhaps that IS an area that provides a potential subscriber with some measure of confidence that you CAN meet their special needs... Food is a very personal subject to most people and the way your site treats each "special need" may speak volumes to a each potential subscriber with their own allergies, diet needs, wants, etc.  Inclusion of a meat/beef/seafood lovers menu might not be a bad thing as there are those individuals as well. 
    Hey you asked... All kidding aside, I hope this was helpful.      
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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Jose - excellent comments!
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    SnowflakeManSnowflakeMan subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Karen
    Sounds like an interesting product, presuming that you have managed to identify your unique place in the market and that your infrastructure can handle a large influx of business you could try partnering with one of 2 types of business.
    1) Grocery stores - preferably national and online (If such things are as common in the USA as they are in the UK) - Offering discount vouchers upon sign up. Assuming your charges to consumers is $72 per year ($6 p/mo) - $100-$200+ worth of grocery vouchers would seem a good sign up value. In addition it won`t increase your costs as you will get these free from the grocery chain.
    2) My company`s area of expertise is primarily Direct Response Television (DRTV) or commonly referred to as paid programming/Infomercials. If you can find a partner who is selling on a national scale and their product is complementary. Think Foreman Grill, Jack La Lanne Power Juicer, etc then they take literally 1000`s of calls per day and spend millions in advertising. You can negotiate a deal where they read a short script selling your product to everyone that calls. You then pay them a % of sales.
    Do you bill monthly at $6 or an annual fee in advance? If only Monthly. maybe a reduction for an upfront annual payment - you can then split this will the infomercial company.
    Would be happy to go in to more details directly if you need it. Snowflakemedia@aol.com</A>
    Best of Luck
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