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Hey folks,
I hope I posted this in the correct topic.
I need to setup the groundwork so that I can obtain liability insurance if thinks work out how I hope. This is a subject I know nothing about; but I figure a few of you here do. Are there any resources anyone can point me to, or perhaps any words of wisdom anyone can offer? The product is a type of backrest btw.
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  • KevDevKevDev Posts: 5subscriber Member
    A trusted, experienced insurance agent would be a good place to start.
    Good luck!
  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark Posts: 103subscriber
    most insurance is a total waste of money - total.
  • baxtertea2075baxtertea2075 Posts: 2subscriber
    Definitely start with an experienced agent and get lots of quotes!!  When I was looking for product liability insurance- I got quotes from 5 different agents.  The coverage was the same  from all the companies but there was about $200 a year difference between some of the agents.
    Good luck!
  • cspeltscspelts Posts: 1subscriber
    I would start with the agent that handles your personal insurance needs first. Alot of times they will handle business insurance as well depending on who you are through. However do not stop there. Get your hands on as many quotes as possible. Insurance though some fel is a waste. You will be glad that you have it should you ever need it.
    Good Luck
  • TapeSealTapeSeal Posts: 5subscriber
    Hi Victor, I agree.  Start with your own insurance agent and ask friends/family for referrals if you don`t find someone on SuN.  Our personal insurance started going thru the roof over the last few years despite no claims on anything.  We asked a friend who has a landscaping business who they use and we couldn`t be happier.  Not only did we end up saving over $1000.00 per year on our car and home but got exceptional coverage for our business.  He is a broker and did a TON of leg work.  If you need the name/number send me a personal message.  I don`t know what state you are in, but we are in AZ. 
    As for the comments from patentandtrademark it is the very nature of insurance to be a rip, until you need it!
    So many people are so litigious it is an absolute must, especially when you are dealing with peoples body parts - - even if they are just resting against something.
    Good luck to you!!!! 
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