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I need help with my business plan

VlunaVluna subscriber Posts: 1

I am trying to finish my business plan. Unfortunately I`ve reached a point
where I can go no further. My problem is that I do not know where some
of the numbers I need to create the cash flow table, the pro forma profit
and loss table, and the pro form balance sheet come from. I`ve bought
three books and searched online, and I cannot find any answers. I`d
appreciate any help.

In the cash flow table:

Is `new current borrowing` the amount of the loan I am applying for? Or,
is it any business loans I have already?

in the pro forma profit and loss table:

What are `negative taxes`?

In the pro forma balance sheet:

What is `paid-in capital`?
What is `retained earnings`? And how are they different from `earnings`?

The terms above are from examples I found online. The books I have
make no reference to these terms (except `earnings`) at all. are they even
necessary in a business plan written to aquire funds for a start-up?

Thank you
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