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Can I use my Start Up $ to get health insurance?

mission2money3family1mission2money3family1 subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2007 in Business Planning
So, we`ve purchased our Corp., Developed our Mission , merged that with
our Money, established our 5 trades and our 1 bank loan and before we
spend a dime on real estate, we need some health insurance! Any
suggestions? Which stream of funds should we use to set up health
insurance (dental, vision, medical, life, etc...)? There are only 2 of us
employed by the corp and we do not intend to get more employees.

PS...this is the "tightest" website of it`s kind. Thanks S.U.N!


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    LtresselLtressel subscriber Posts: 3
    Mission2Money,I could be wrong on this. If there`s only two of you employed by the corp, insurance brokers for health insurance would suggest that you get separate personal coverages.  Any discounts will normally apply for a bigger operations that have 10 or more employees anyway.Which Stream of funds-wherever it can manage to pay the premiums.  You can always have your accountant use them for deductions later. 
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