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Need funding Advice

2010taxpro2010taxpro subscriber Posts: 1
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  I have 2 projects in the works and Ineed funding for them both. Iam hope some of you can give me a little advice on how to get a legitimate grant for either one. I have been all over grants.gov and theres nothing available. My main project is and invention, I have a company that has done most of the work for me. Everything but the prototype has been done. Marketing, patent research, target company, contracts for development. Everything but but the prototype is done, so I need funding for that. I am also a  tax professional, I`ve been doin that for about 10 years. I`m ready to start my own office for the next tax season. I was hoping to get a grant as a non profit because my services will be free. I have all the info I need to apply for non profit status, just waiting till the season is over and the IRS office is cleared out. Taxes are what I love to do. So if any of you out there have any legitimate leads I can follow, I would really appreciate it. This is really important to me and my children.
Thankx in Advance


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    vlakh01vlakh01 subscriber Posts: 0

    Hi there,


    It’s great to see small business owners come up with a new value proposition, a new idea or invention as in your case.  I am going to recommend that you get a competent attorney and make sure your patent on the product is air-tight.


    Given my experience in financing and consulting with businesses large and small, I have to admit that so far the lending environment is very bleak, but there is hope.  The new TALF program announced by the government has a very significant SBA lending component attached to it and I am going to recommend that you touch base with local lenders to find out what their SBA programs will look like in the near future.


    Also, in terms of grants I have a completely free foundation grant directory that you can access at our website that I think may be of tremendous benefit to you: http://www.smallbusinessplanresources.c ... inpage.php


    You should also be able to find tons of valuable information on financing, lists of banks, how to get ready for business loans and everything you need to know about personal and business credit.


    Good luck.
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    2010taxpro2010taxpro subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for touching base with me. I will definitly check out your site. The other thing is applying for a loan. I didn`t want to to do that for a couple of reasons. One being that my credit is horrible. And the other is that I want to provide a free tax service. I`ve been doin this for a long time and it amazes my how much bad, wrong, and inacurate information is still floating around out there. Its very frustrating spending my day corecting the lies that are still being told and sold to folks that will agree with anything because they themselves don`t have the patience to file their own taxes..But of course i myself have to live so somebody has to pay me, but I want more than anything to run my own office. Does that make sense. So how can I do that.
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