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How to manage time?

ladyflguruladyflguru subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2013 in Business Planning
So i have a small business on the side and use paid advertising as well as free. I also go to school while working from home and just cant seem to get a spare moment to write down a to do list. Anyone have any suggestions as to how they organize their day to make it as efficent but not too busy to relax at some point?


  • AgrIndAgrInd subscriber Posts: 0
    First you have to establish some boundaries for yourself.  When you are your own boss it is up to you put some free time in your schedule.
    I completely agree MiteyMite`s suggestion of more than one monitor.  It has done wonders for me and I highly recommend it. 
    You also need to find the best way to get the most out of your time.  I highly recommend a site like Lifehacker as they have multiple daily suggestions for ways to save time. I find Lifehacker`s approach very effective because the same organizing and time-saving tips do not work for everyone.  That is why it is great to have new daily suggestions.
    For organizing I use Evernote and Remember the Milk.  Remember the Milk csan even be integrated into your google mail or calendar.
    Good luck on finding an approach that works for you.  The great news is that you are always the on in control. 
  • datexmediadatexmedia subscriber Posts: 0
    For me, it`s all about lists. I have extensive lists and I dedicate a certain amount of time for each thing. Here`s the key, don`t let yourself get wrapped up on one task for longer than you have alloted, it will get you behind on the other stuff and that just starts a trickle down effect that`s hard to come back from. I salute you, doing all that you do. I just graduated myself, and I know how hard it is to get it all done and done well. Good luck, keep us updated on how it`s all going.

  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    get up early and schedule a 45 minute nap.
    patentandtrademark12/20/2008 1:04 PM
  • axerayaxeray subscriber Posts: 0
    I never thought adding multiple monitors would increase productivity. What a great idea.
    Prioritizing is very important. Plan ahead and stick to the plan. You wont be dissapointed.
  • igglesiggles subscriber Posts: 1
    Prioritize your goals and do your best to stick to a schedule!
  • ladyflguruladyflguru subscriber Posts: 2
    wow wtgg ty, something i can keep focus on which is something im lacking even how hard i try.  I do currently get about 6 hours of sleep or less, as i do go to school so i tend to work and do school at the same time(its really easy for me to do it that way, even though it makes no sense) so i do tend to reply to inquries but need a bit more than just 30 mins for relax. That and whats great is im so tired by the end of the day theres no need to worry about tossing and turning.
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    1) prioritize, prioritize, prioritize
    2) before bed find time to write down a plan for the next day
    3) in your plan, take baby steps, like craig said, achievable, reasonable
    4) the next day, do the hardest task first that you dread and get it out of the way
    5) maintain focus and don`t spread yourself too thin with too much going on (one at a time)
    6) exercise and feed your body well with healthy food
    7) reward yourself and rejuvinate
  • TheStreetTeamTheStreetTeam subscriber Posts: 3
    This is what I do, I have a schedule to what I'm going to do. It's a daily task to what I'm doing and if I'm not doing it then I'm not committed to it plus let's say I want to even check my FB or email or whatever in regards to the schedule then you're already off track. I recommend you to go here http://www.simpleology.com
    I hope it helps you. Plus, you should also have a alarm to know when to stop and start.
  • alicemenezesalicemenezes subscriber Posts: 0
    Leave everything, take some time out to first make a schedule. Just taking time for this will save you a lot of time through the day. Time management is THE most important factor for success.
  • karawindowkarawindow subscriber Posts: 0
    The best way to manage time is by preparing a task list of each day and prioritizes each task according to their importance. Try to focus on your most productive time of day. Do also leave a leisure time to enjoy with your family and have fun.
  • StevecovStevecov subscriber Posts: 0
    I feel like you really need to write a to-do list, it really doesn't take long and would make your day feel much more structured, allow you to work on priority items and get what you need done. Without a to-do list I find myself jumping around all day and at the end of the day feeling like I have not accomplished much and at the end of 12+ hour days the worst feeling is thinking I have not accomplished anything.
  • RossTaylor2440RossTaylor2440 subscriber Posts: 0
    First you can decide, what you want to do? what are your life goals? Give the priorities to your work. You are student so you need to give first priority to your school study then your can give priorities to your other works. You need to have make a strict daily schedule of your work.
  • RossTaylor2440RossTaylor2440 subscriber Posts: 0
    First you can think, what you want to do? Give the priorities to your work. You are student so you need to give first priority to your school study then your can give priorities to your other works. You need to have make a strict daily schedule of your work.
  • rachelscottrachelscott subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    If you're doing paid advertisement you're good to go you can start slowly as you have a lot of time for now..!! Try to focus on one thing at a time and slowly build your list...!
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