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Local Website That Gives To Others

takeabreaktakeabreak subscriber Posts: 5
edited December 2008 in Selecting a Business
With the economy the way it is, I have been seeing a lot of people that could use help with one-time financial setbacks.  Whether it be rent payment, car breakdown, fuel bills, doctor bills, etc.  I have a vision of starting a website for my local area that would help people with one-time emergency funding.  They post their need and then if they are funded, my website business would send the check directly to the landlord, repair shop, or doctor etc. to be sure the money is being used for what they request it for.
I thought of raising money by business advertising, or donations.  I also thought of having a classified advertising section where I charge people a small fee that goes to the charity fund and then use the business advertising for my expenses.  I don`t look to make a lot of money for myself from this, but want my expenses covered and perhaps a little to cover the time that will be involved.  Other than that, my main goal is to help other people. 
I have a full-time job, so not sure if this is a good idea to pursue, or not.  
I`ve been thinking about it all the time though.         


  • takeabreaktakeabreak subscriber Posts: 5
    Thanks for your replies.
    Well, after some on line research, I`ve found a website that is already doing EXACTLY the sort of thing I had thought about.


    Only, I was thinking of something like this only on a local level.
    One problem from the get-go is will people want to donate before I would become a non-profit organization.  They would expect a tax-deduction and I couldn`t provide that at first.
    That would be on down the road.
    Today, I also thought of another incentive for individuals who donate cash.  Depending on the amount of their donation,  once they donate they are directed to another that has business coupon incentives that in the end they get their money back if they visit those businesses who are advertising a coupon special.  For example, if you donate$5., you are directed to a coupon page.  You pick which coupon you would like to print off for that value of $5.  If you donate $25, you get a coupon value of $25 from a participating business of your choice.   
    I don`t know where to start and have no one to consult with so I was wondering where I should even focus my energy on.   Getting a website?  Or talking to a business consultant first?  
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