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Hello fellow Suntrepreneurs!  I just launched a new web design business to help out entrepreneurs get up and running on the net with an affordable, yet fully featured website.  I`ve been working on the copy for a couple of weeks now, and would love to get some feedback:
The concept/idea is targeting people that want something with more features than say Yahoo Site Builder, but can`t afford the $5000 and up that most high end web design firms charge for a quality design.
Thanks for your feedback! - Ben


  • WebsitesUnleashedWebsitesUnleashed subscriber Posts: 4
    Hello Ben,
    I really like your design. It`s very clean and user friendly. I can only see one minor error with the footer background not matching the existing wood pattern. I would see about extending it a tad so most pages are covered right.
    I like your page structure, very simple. However, I wouldn`t use the side menu of links if its only showing the same links as the top menu. Offer something new. It`s a perfect setup for you to add extra content to convert visitors into sales.
    We`ve recently discussed front-page pricing on another thread about Toddler Toilets. I think in your case, you definitely need to display the final price on the homepage if price is a major sell of your service.
    Lastly, you should consider listing the templates you offer instead of the thumbnail examples. I`m sure the people want to know what their options are, if templates are the only option they have.
    Good luck, fellow competitor.WebsitesUnleashed7/6/2008 10:45 PM
  • consumertreehouseconsumertreehouse subscriber Posts: 11
    Very impressed. The wood background looks great. I do think the idea of showing the templates that consumers can purchase is a better idea the thumbnail examples. 
    Overall a very clean looking site. Good Luck
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