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critique for a revolutionary website

californicationcalifornication subscriber Posts: 2
edited March 2008 in Website Critique
RestyleMe.com is the newest fashion advice destination on the Internet !
With its revolutionary voting system,
RestyleMe allows people to rate other people`s styles not based on a
mostly meaningless 1-10 rating but based on style categories. So you
get actually useful style advice and know what to change and what to
Loaded with never-seen-before features such as pinpoint
photo marking, tagging of clothing items, and detailed bar graph
results, RestyleMe offers you unique tools to show off your style or
find it...
--Briefly this is what RestyleMe.com is about so we love to hear your critique about the idea and of course about the general design of the website. Also feel free to tell us your advice to improve RestyleMe.com
Thank you


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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I don`t get it.  I sort of do, but I am an old fart and I just don`t see why people would come to your site.  So, to steal a line from Craig, what`s in it for me?
    Navigation and the clever recoloring of the recycle symbol are a good touch.
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    californicationcalifornication subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you Steve..
    Primary benefit is anyone can sign up an receive style advice and improve their looks depending on the advice they receive from this community.
    And we believe people are more likely to provide advice because we make this fun with our tools which have never been used on the internet before for this  purpose.
    In addition to all this it also the  social networking tools you can`t even find in top notch websites.
    So briefly these are our major benefits.
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    toppdoggtoppdogg subscriber Posts: 8
    I`m with Steve on this one.  I kind of didn`t get it, either.  What is the point of keeping clicking?
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    californicationcalifornication subscriber Posts: 2
    Point here is to provide style advice to the photo owner.
    By voting using thumbs up or thumbs down you can simply provide people feedback about their looks. For instance a thumbs down for facial hair means voter did not like the facial hair. So after many people voting photo owner can look at the results with a chart and see what the majority of people like or dislike about his/her style.
    Of course we have bunch more utilities like marking the photo, tagging the photo but I really don`t want to get into those since now I am just trying to explain it in the simplest form.
    So anyone else with Steve ? Is this concept really hard to understand ?
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