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When do I choose a LOGO?

WTucker26WTucker26 subscriber Posts: 7
edited July 2008 in Business Planning
I am going to put out a brand of T-shirts designed for men and women who workout and bodybuild as a way to bring that community together.  I have my theme, mission statement, and target audience picked out and I THINK I am ready to put out some test shirts on the market (and on some of my workout buddies) to see if I get a response.  Am I ready to invest in a logo design? 


  • KevDevKevDev subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    I don`t see why not.
    A lot of people without themes, mission statements and target audiences have logos !
    Good luck!
  • WTucker26WTucker26 subscriber Posts: 7
    At this point b/c logos usually go for a few hundred dollars....Which I don`t mind spending as long as I get what I am looking for.  And I am just trying to cover all my bases before I get ahead of myself. 
  • besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    I agree with Janie it depends on your readiness to invest completely. However, I also think that if you want to create a buzz, your logo will be a major part in gaining recognition as that what seems to really get folks - wanting to have that official authentic logo. Much success to you...........
  • WTucker26WTucker26 subscriber Posts: 7
    Thanks that is great advice.  I will see about getting some shirts printed up.  I think powerful, inspirational sayings is what will stand out to people.  So may workout shirts have cheesy pictures and cartoons on them, that is why nobody wants to wear them in the gym.  I want the people who wear them to feel like they are in a fraternity of sorts, and have exclusivity. Please keep the ideas flowing.
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