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Selecting a business for Yourself

ipmoveripmover subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2006 in Selecting a Business
In the early 1990`s, I spent 2 years studying MLM---Multi-Level Marketing---. I fully understand how it works.  I also signed up for about 100 Online-Suveys, and spent about 6 months religeously taking survey.  I read reports on people making money doing surveys.  I found one women who is making $3,000 a month doing surveys.  I stopped taking the surveys, but kept all my paswords incase I want to restart them.  They may be some money to be made in taking survey snline, but you must work up to it, and add some other activities with itIn order to find what you want to do, you must take the time and study many business opoortunities.  Not only read about opportunities on the Internet, but talk to people running businesses in person.Do you want a web site that sells automatically, do you want to go to people`s houses, and help them, you decide and study your options carefully.Best of success,Jessjnporter @ verizon.net


  • kyliptixkyliptix subscriber Posts: 0

    I agree with you, choosing a business need long time research and SWOT analysis, marketing is not easy and too expensive.
    Website, business automation is goal of everyone, people wants extra money and less work, someday people thought affiliates programs will bring lots of money, but smart customers break this dream, people recently has less motivation to be resellers around affiliates area.
    We have implemented our policy at Kyliptix to make our services as an opportunity and career for our resellers, for e.g. we sell our product for $19.95 per user per month, our resellers have discount between 30% - 45% so they can sell their customers for less than 19.95 
    This way our resellers feel relaxed that they will not see their customers move to us directly to pay less, also they can sell KiBS CRM with their packages or stand alone.
    Choosing a business need to find the best supplier.
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