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Five Ways To Drive Friends Away From Your Business

sunshinegirlsunshinegirl subscriber Posts: 3
edited February 2009 in Marketing
We all know that when you are starting a business, the first people you go to are your friends. You want their advice and would love to have them as customers. But on the flip side, it`s easy to go too far and drive your friends away from your business. Here are five great ways to ensure that your friends stay as far away from your business as possible.
1. Add your friends to your email distribution list without their permission. There is nothing they like more than to be spammed, even by friends.
2. Send out constant Facebook messages to your friends about your business. If they are not responding to your regular emails, why not send them emails through Facebook as well?
3. Twitter only about your business. Surely if your friends started following you on Twitter, they only did it because they are interested in your company and not in your life in general?
4. Ask them to forward everything you send them to everyone they know. If they aren`t interested enough to send it without you telling them, you need to remind them, right?
5. Turn every social engagement into a marketing opportunity. Spread around some pamphlets the next time you host a baby shower. Bring them a new product catalog every time you go out to dinner and remind them that you are taking orders.
I can pretty much guarantee that if you do all of the above, your friends will not only stay away from you business, but they likely will not recommend it to anyone else. Instead, take a more subtle approach. Try a few of these:
-Tell friends initially about the launch of your business.
-Include your company in the signature line of your emails.
-Twitter or post periodic Facebook status updates about your business, but do not make them the primary focus of your communications.
-Give your friends a few product samples or swag items and expect nothing in return.
I can`t guarantee that these will turn your friends into customers, but you will have a much better chance of them spreading the word about your business in a truthful and sincere way.


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