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I think I might actually like you. I didn`t
know that`s what I was being but looking at the links you shared,
(first time viewing) I see what you mean.
My focus has been so intense trying to learn affiliate marketing,
social relationship building and how to earn online in order to change
my personal situation, the offered training sounded as if it might help others too. I didn`t know my first posts felt or sounded
like that ... like a troll. Unfortunately, I realize now that`s the only way they could be taken. 
Affiliate products and services marketing through My Marketplace and
elsewhere on the internet are ways I intended to finance my education
in order to become a support counselor and consultant for others in my
personal situation. Startup Nation was joined for that purpose. There`s
a lot of solid business knowledge here that I need, and a lot that I
can share, so I regret having started off on the wrong foot with the appearance of requiring
"troll control patrol."
I`m really not a troll at all, but a super nice person too eager for
change. Four minutes for you, surprisingly turned out to be much
bigger lessons for me.
So, thank you for that. My previous comments have been removed. The valuable feedback shared remains for others who may visit here.
thesuccessblogger6/12/2008 4:34 AM


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