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Web Review for our site....

barrelbeanbarrelbean subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2007 in Website Critique
Hello all,It would be great to get some some feedback on our site.  The site is www.MTCKickboxing.com.  The site is positioned to appeal to males 16-28 yrs old.  We are specifically looking at whether it is easy to figure out what our programs are and if they are informing enough to make a decision on.  Also the class schedule, we get a lot of questions about the schedule but not too sure how to fix it.  Any and all feedback is appreciated.  Thank you all in advance!Travis Schefcikwww.mtckickboxing.com
barrelbean2007-5-20 12:14:41


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    Victor363Victor363 subscriber Posts: 2
    I agree; kill the music! Don`t listen to your website designer when he says its an acceptable best practice (even though he did build you an aesthetically beautiful website) - music is the ultimate website faux pas  I would recommend starting the website up without any music at all, with a button that would allow you to play it if wished for.As I said, your website is very aesthetic - though, I`m not such a fan of the way you used Flash. Personally, considering your young age group; I would have designed the site for 1024X768 resolution. Today, less than 10% of computer users have 800X600 resolution sites; and that is usually older users who need the larger text in a concession to poor vision. Probably not the person who trains at your gym.In order to funnel traffic to your class schedule page; there are two ways you can do this. The first, and less recommended way, would be to put a more prominent button above the fold leading to that page. But That would probably mess things up. I think your best bet would be including a hyperlink on your homepage (assuming that is your main entrance page), that persuades users to see the schedules page. Make sure you know how to use hyperlinks correctly before implementing this though. Also, change your grey hyperlinks to something more visible that is underlined. Be aware that underlined blue hyperlinks have the highest click through rates.When people call you; are they merely inquiring about scheduling problems?  Perhaps you have an information roadblock on your website which is the reason for your calls.. Speaking of obtaining phone calls; I would recommend putting your phone number underneath your companies logo on every page.Good luck with the site!
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Music...Yes, the default setting should be music off.
    The website template has a nice design / color sceme.
    The logo image file size is large greater than 100Kb, this adds to the reason why the site takes a while to load.
    The title tag says "Welcome"... I suggest using s title that is more keyword related.  Your description tag: <meta name="Description" content="place a description for your webpage here" />
    While showing latest news "kickbox classes canceled" is important to your current customers, that news may not help add new customers.  The home page should have something about why I should join your program.
    While you display a WC3 validation logo...  WC3 says "Failed validation, 22 errors"
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    barrelbeanbarrelbean subscriber Posts: 2
    Wow!  What a great response, thank you to all that gave me more direction.  This is exactly what I was looking for!  Things done already:Links are a different color (easier to see)Music is goneApparel link opens a new windowError checking link is gone (we will fix all those errors, in time)Switched up the Index page, (still in the works)Things todo in the future:We are working to make it full screen site, we changed all the pages to fullscreen, but the index flash is not placed correctly so we changed it back. We are taking away the flash intro completely.Phones numbers will posted more prominentlyAdd photos of myselfWe are getting ready to relaunch this same site under our new name, Spartan Mixed Martial Arts.  Once we do this, I will add pictures of myself and the class.  What would make more sense, to add photo of me teaching a class or a professional picture in workout clothes?Once the new site is launched we will have a subscribe area on the index page for free classes while we capture their information.  Very good idea.  Thank you.We are working to generate more sales copy for the index page.You all are great.  Thank you again for all the replies, I will absolutely be asking for more feedback all over this forum.Thank you all again!Travis SchefcikSpartan Mixed Martial Arts
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    barrelbeanbarrelbean subscriber Posts: 2
    Did something change? It loaded fast and didn`t play music for me.
    I`ve already taken the advice and changed it!  That`s great it loaded quickly for you!!Travis SchefcikSpartan Mixed Martial Arts
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