Help in financing

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edited July 2006 in Elevator Pitches</A>Need help here in Boston,  Have a great opportunity and strategy to create an amazing spa.. As of right now I own with my partner a traveling spa which caters to residential, corporate and hotel.. We send certified massage therapists to these locations and the clients enjoy a day at the spa... Here is the catch we would love to expand into a location and we were in the process until my backbone, my buisness confidant (my mother) was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to put our dream aside, now the opportunity is the space and can not pass it up because it could mean alot to the family and I need my mother to see me succeed.. She basically taught me everything from accounting to the hard work a place is to bring up from scratch, and willing to put all sweat and tears into this location, but the problem is the financing... I am looking for ways to finance this opportunity.. Please Help Any Ideas 1800 714 2809
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