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I started my blog around a month ago and I was interested in hearing what people had to say.  Are people impressed with some of the things I have written?  Are people depressed with some of the thins I have written?  I have been trying to focus on helping people feel empowered and that they can achieve their goals, while giving some advice and insights along the way.  Am I close?  If you have anything to say, just comment on the posts, that would be great.  I`m trying to build this up to really help people move way from looking at problems and working in the traditional way because I think that that is very important.  But, you should see all that at


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    Hey, thanks a lot, I do appreciate the feedback.nhgnikole - Thanks for the heads up with the title, I had never seen that!CampSteve - Good idea with the date, tags and credit, maybe I`ll try that.  The Fiji post was off-topic as a way to garner some links - some people are setting up contests/reviews to get links for themselves and link to other blogs.CraigL - Yeah, comments are there, but I hadn`t heard much from them so I decided to use some outside sources.
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