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Marketing to Teachers

topseekrittopseekrit subscriber Posts: 3
edited May 2007 in Marketing
Hi everyone,I
know that there are tons and tons of tutoring companies out there, but
I started a tutoring/coaching company specifically for teachers to help
them earn their teacher certification. I`m finding that for my company,
it`s hard to reach such a niche audience. To get the word out, I`ve
tried contacting each school individually, however this is time
consuming. Am I wrong in assuming that teachers are just `old skool`?
What`s the best way to reach this audience? Help!topseekritwww.teachersforthought.com


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    topseekrittopseekrit subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks CraigL for the e-book suggestions. To address your other comments:Yes it`s disturbing to find that teachers need help with certification exams, but if you look at our No Child Left Behind Act or at any school statistics, you will find that certified/credentialed teachers are a huge problem in this country that`s been happening for decades. There are those who are transitioning from the corporate world to becoming a teacher or the new college graduates, that have no clue what the required tests are and what they look like. There are the teachers who`ve been teaching for years and feel a little timid about taking Standardized tests. The fact remains with the NCLB in effect, the demand is even stronger for teachers to obtain their certification. The principle of my company is similar to the SAT/ACT prep courses out there to help students get into college. As for the Employment section, it`s to hire tutors of course!Hope this clears things up and thanks for responding.topseekrit
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    topseekrittopseekrit subscriber Posts: 3
    oh yeah, quick question:Are you saying I should contact the author/publisher to link their book to my website and get the customers who are likely to purchase their book or just  contact Amazon to sell related books? I`m new to this so a detailed explanation would be appreciated.
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